idspell namedescriptionlev reqdrainrate
0Thick skinIncreases your defense by 5%115
1Burst of strengthIncreases your strength by 5%415
2Clarity of thoughtIncreases your attack by 5%715
3Rock skinIncreases your defense by 10%1030
4Superhuman strengthIncreases your strength by 10%1330
5Improved reflexesIncreases your attack by 10%1630
6Rapid restore2x restore rate for all stats except hits195
7Rapid heal2x restore rate for hitpoints stat2210
8Protect itemsKeep 1 extra item if you die2510
9Steel skinIncreases your defense by 15%2860
10Ultimate strengthIncreases your strength by 15%3160
11Incredible reflexesIncreases your attack by 15%3460
12Paralyze monsterStops monsters from fighting back3760
13Protect from missiles100% protection from ranged attack4060