idspell namedescriptionlev req
0Wind strikeA strength 1 missile attack1
1ConfuseReduces your opponents attack by 5%3
2Water strikeA strength 2 missile attack5
3Enchant lvl-1 amuletFor use on sapphire amulets7
4Earth strikeA strength 3 missile attack9
5WeakenReduces your opponents strength by 5%11
6Fire strikeA strength 4 missile attack13
7Bones to bananasChanges all held bones into bananas!15
8Wind boltA strength 5 missile attack17
9CurseReduces your opponents defense by 5%19
10Low level alchemyConverts an item into gold21
11Water boltA strength 6 missile attack23
12Varrock teleportTeleports you to Varrock25
13Enchant lvl-2 amuletFor use on emerald amulets27
14Earth boltA strength 7 missile attack29
15Lumbridge teleportTeleports you to Lumbridge31
16Telekinetic grabTake an item you can see but can't reach33
17Fire boltA strength 8 missile attack35
18Falador teleportTeleports you to Falador37
19Crumble undeadHits skeleton, ghosts & zombies hard!39
20Wind blastA strength 9 missile attack41
21Superheat itemSmelt 1 ore without a furnace43
22Camelot teleportTeleports you to Camelot45
23Water blastA strength 10 missile attack47
24Enchant lvl-3 amuletFor use on ruby amulets49
25Iban blastA strength 25 missile attack!50
26Ardougne teleportTeleports you to Ardougne51
27Earth blastA strength 11 missile attack53
28High level alchemyConvert an item into more gold55
29Charge Water OrbNeeds to be cast on a water obelisk56
30Enchant lvl-4 amuletFor use on diamond amulets57
31Watchtower teleportTeleports you to the watchtower58
32Fire blastA strength 12 missile attack59
33Claws of GuthixSummons the power of Guthix60
34Saradomin strikeSummons the power of Saradomin60
35Flames of ZamorakSummons the power of Zamorak60
36Charge earth OrbNeeds to be cast on an earth obelisk60
37Wind waveA strength 13 missile attack62
38Charge Fire OrbNeeds to be cast on a fire obelisk63
39Water waveA strength 14 missile attack65
40Charge air OrbNeeds to be cast on an air obelisk66
41VulnerabilityReduces your opponents defense by 10%66
42Enchant lvl-5 amuletFor use on dragonstone amulets68
43Earth waveA strength 15 missile attack70
44EnfeebleReduces your opponents strength by 10%73
45Fire waveA strength 16 missile attack75
46StunReduces your opponents attack by 10%80
47ChargeIncrease your mage arena spells damage80